What is the expiration date on your products?
All our items are in new condition from the manufacturer and carry at least one year to expiration.

Where are you located?
Fenton, Michigan.

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What is your return or exchange policy?
Please see our Policies page for complete information on that.

Do you ship world wide?
We only ship within USA. We do not ship outside of USA.

How may I place an order?
You can order online anytime. Simply add items to your cart, select the shipping service you prefer, and create an account (for first time buyers). You will still have more opportunties to make adjustments to the cart or change your mind before you are charged. Once you are satisfied with your cart's contents and the shipping, confirm your order to buy.
If you are successful, you will receive a confirmation number. Print this out or write it down. You'll need it to check on your order's status, or if you need to call or email about your order. 

Returning customers can log into their account to reorder, make updates or changes to their information, or check on a current order's status. Phone order customers can also check their order's status by clicking on the Service page and entering their confirmation number in the appropriate box. Items that have shipped will show date of shipment and a tracking number.

You may also place phone orders during business hours. We are open for business Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM, eastern time. Please have the SKU numbers of the items you want to purchase handy to ensure we ship the correct products to you.

 What is my confirmation number and why do I need it?
The confirmation number is unique to your specific order placement. It is the most important piece of information you can keep to check up on your order. It is also important should you call or email us with inquiries as it allows us to quickly find your order in our system and answer your questions. Without it, we can still help you but it may take more time to find your order.

I get an error during checkout when ordering. What's wrong?
Most commonly, this occurs for customers using a credit card. Often, it is a matter of a simple typo or information that is left out yet required, and so the card cannot be successfully charged. Double check your information and be sure you are including your correct card type, card number, card expiration date (and making sure it has not expired), as well as the 3-digit code on the back of the card near your signature.
If the problem persists, there may be an issue with your card and you may need to try another form of payment. See the PAYMENT section of this FAQ for your options.

 I do not wish to use my credit card online. Can I pay another way?
Yes. We also accept paypal, Google check out, checks or money orders. See the PAYMENT section for more information on those.
You can also place phone orders. However, it is an online storefront and we will be processing your card via the internet through a secure server.

Do you offer quantity or shipping discounts?
For very large orders, you can call or email for a quote.

Can I make changes to or cancel an order once it is confirmed?
Contact us via email or phone (leave a message after hours) as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or make any kind of corrections or changes to the order details. If we have already shipped your item, we will not be able to change or cancel it. Include your order confirmation number.


Can I find out how much shipping will cost before I buy?
Yes. If ordering online, simply add the desired items and quantities to a cart. You will not  have been charged at this point.
Next, you will see a screen that shows your cart, its contents, and an estimated shipping quote. For domestic buyers, enter your ZIP code in the box provided to view your carrier choices and actual shipping costs for that cart. You need to supply a zip code for an accurate quote as shipping is partly calculated based on how far the package must travel. Note: This only works for US residents.
You can also add or remove items from the cart or adjust quantities here as needed before you actually buy.

How long does it take before an order ships?
Orders usually can be packed and ready to ship within one to two business days after they are placed. We are open for business Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM, eastern time. For example, if you place your order on Saturday, the earliest it could ship is our next business day, which is a Monday. If you order on a Monday, the latest it will most likely ship is Wednesday - two business days later. Timing depends on several factors, the most common being how many total orders are in queue to be shipped. Items are shipped in the order they are received.
Be aware that during peak times, such as the Christmas season, or after other holidays where we may have been closed for business, we may have to extend this handling time until the rush is resolved. If there is some concern, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to tell you what kind of handling time we've been averaging. One to two business days is our normal average.
Any order paid by check will incur additional waiting time, as we will hold the order for 5-7 business days after we deposit the check to insure funds are available.

Will you contact me if there is a problem with my order?
Be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information when you create your account. If there is an issue with your order such as with the shipping address or payment, we can contact you to make you aware and resolve the issue so we may ship as soon as possible. Try signing up with an email you are in the habit of checking so there aren't long delays if we do need to resolve an issue before we can ship. Also, be sure your spam filter is not throwing out our efforts to contact you.

Does choosing Priority shipping mean my order will be filled before others?
Priority is a United States Post Office (USPS) term for a particular type of shipping they offer. We process incoming orders in the sequence they are received regardless of the type of third party shipping service that is chosen. The advantage of choosing USPS Priority is beneficial if your order will have a heavier shipping weight (of around a pound or greater) but you want it to go through the USPS system faster than their parcel post service.

How long will it take for a package to go through the mail, once it has been shipped?
This will depend on the carrier you choose, the service you choose, and how far away you live from our location which is Fenton , Michigan.
We typically offer three different options for mailing via the USPS for most items.
1) First Class: Only packages weighing 13oz or less can go first class. USPS guidelines state 3-5 business days for most domestic destinations. 
2) Priority: Priority mail is a good option if your package is close to a pound or more in weight but you don't want to wait as long as parcel post would require. USPS guidelines for Priority is 2-3 business days for most domestic locations.
3) Parcel Post: economical choice for heavier packages when time is not as much of an issue. Parcel post guidelines is 2-9 business days for most domestic locations.

We also offer ground service via UPS. Shipping via UPS varies domestically, depending on how far you live from Michigan. It can range from 1-6 business days. Obviously, the farther away you are or the more remote your location, the higher you will be on that range. Email or call if you need to know specifically what zone you're in. You may also find this information at
Otherwise, if you have your own account with UPS and would like it billed for a faster service than ground (e.g. Next Day Air, etc) or would like to use a different carrier such as FedEx and have your own account to bill, contact us and we can make arrangements.

UPS Ground Zone Map

 Will I be notified by email that my order has shipped?
We do not automatically notify customers that their order has shipped. If you ordered online or have your confirmation number, you can check your shipment status any time by going to the Service page and inputting your confirmation number. You'll see a shipment tracking number and date of shipment if the order has been processed.
Otherwise, you can request such notification by emailing us.

Will I be able to track shipments?
Domestic USPS or UPS parcels will include a tracking number which you can access when you check your order status on our Service page, if indeed the order has been shipped. Otherwise, if we've given you the tracking number via phone or email, you can get updates on the status by going to either or and using their tracking feature. We also purchase delivery confirmation on all domestic USPS packages.
Bear in mind, packages have to be picked up by the carrier and scanned into their respective systems before information can be relayed. Our parcels are generally picked up by the carrier the afternoon that they are processed. Allow at least 24 hours to show updated information with your tracking number.

What if tracking is not being updated at the USPS or shows nothing?
Contact us. We'll request a tracer from the USPS on the package and try to find out more information about the whereabouts of your parcel. We can usually learn something within 24-48 hours.

 Do you insure packages and/or include an invoice with the order?
Not unless it is requested, and in the case of USPS insurance, additional payment would have to be paid to cover the cost of the insurance which is calculated by the USPS based on the package's value. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to purchase insurance on your package. This is for USPS only. Visit this page of the USPS site for current schedule of insurance fees.
Customers that create an account and order online can usually print out any receipt or invoice pages they may need. If you would like us to include one in your shipment, request one as soon as possible by email or phone.

What if my package arrives damaged?
Please see our Policies page for more information.


What payment types do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, paypal, and checks or money orders. If paying by check or money order, we will ship after payment is received and clears. This usually takes between 5-7 business days after the check is received and deposited.

Where do I send a check or money order, and to whom do I make it payable?
Please see our About Us page for this information.

I bought using paypal, but my item is not shipping in a timely manner. Paypal is 'instant' payment. What's wrong?

On some occasions, paypal doesn't clear the funds right away, and your order will sit in our 'Pending' queue until it does. Your order will automatically move to the 'Shipping' queue when payment clears. This can sometimes take as long as 48 hours or more.

There can be various reasons for this delay, and if you suspect a problem, you should log into your paypal account and check the payment status or contact paypal with your inquiries. We cannot ship orders until they are cleared into our 'Shipping' queue.

What is paypal express?
It is a way you can pay using paypal, while bypassing much of the account creation steps. It is important for customers who use this method to make note of their confirmation number as you won't have an account to log into to check your status later. You'll need to input your confirmation number at our Service page to get updates.


I bought something from one of your affiliate websites and have a question - whom do I contact?
If you have purchased something from Ebay, amazon, or any of our other affiliate online storefronts, please contact us via whatever venue you made the purchase from. Ebay and amazon require that all communications stay within their sites for the buyer's protection. They cannot mediate any disputes if discussions are held outside their sites.
Also, the phone number that may appear on some of our shipping labels is for our physical store front, and the ladies there are unfamiliar with the internet orders. They also do not have a way to forward your call to our site customer service representatives.

The customer service phone and email are for customers who bought directly from
It is helpful for such customers, when contacting us about existing orders, to have their confirmation number ready. This will insure speedy and accurate service.

What are American Drug Supply Store's contact email, numbers, and mailing address?
Please see our About Us page for current phone, email and mailing address information. It is helpful if all communication includes your order confirmation number if you are inquiring about an existing order. If you want to place an order, the item SKUs are helpful in ensuring an accurate order is taken. Thank you.