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Flents Plastic Lice Comb

Flents Plastic Lice Comb

Price: $2.25
Detailed Description

Flents plastic lice comb

Buy Flents Lice Comb for lice removal, lice problems, and lice infestation.



  • Designed for fine combing
  • Works on all hair types
  • Removes lice & their eggs!
  • Made of unbreakable plastic.


  1. Shampoo with a lice control shampoo.
  2. Take care to remove all the snarls with an ordinary comb or brush
  3. Hold small sections of the hair and comb forward from the scalp. Run the comb through each section 3 times.

Caution: This lice comb has an extremely fine tooth design. Use only as directed and never force snarls out with this comb. Use care not to scrath the scalp. Keep out of reach of children.

ABC No: 203303




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